Sports Teams and Athletes

Athletes have unique requirements when it comes to training – it all comes down to performance. Performance = moving faster, more explosively, more efficiently and without injury. Gymstick is an effective tool for athletes as it can be used to replicate movement patterns that they need to be able to perform, just better.

5 TOP reasons why the Gymstick is simply effective for the athletes

  1. Training can happen anywhere. No need for a gym or weights. The Gymstick is light and portable and can be taken anywhere and used anytime.
  2. Learning how to decelerate safely from momentum and gravity will enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Gymstick encourages control eccentric contractions.
  3. The Gymstick allows the athlete to work in all ranges of motion and planes. The advantage of having the bands attached to the stick is that the athlete does not need to find different anchor points which is required for regular resistance bands
  4. Speed, agility and power training can all be performed safely with the Gymstick. Adding resistance to increase challenge is a simple matter of winding the bands around the stick.
  5. Training muscle memory and patterning is possible as the feet and hands are attached and this closed kinetic chain amplifies the muscle recruitment in the movement pattern