Schools and Kids

The strength of a child under 12 years is developed naturally, even without specific training, but it requires more than just lying on the couch and playing computer games – the variety of ways in which children move in every day life, offers versatile and interesting movement and is key to this development.

Puberty brings a lot of acute physical changes in the body and mind of a child. The rapid growth period causes the the dimensions of the body to be somewhat unbalanced. For example leverage in proportion to the capacity of muscles becomes more unfavourable. The structural and functional changes caused by hormones, weaken the mechanical strain capacity in different parts of the skeleton. Even a light strain can expose the spine to an injury if the exercise is performed incorrectly.

Gymstick Original is an ideal tool for effective training of children pre adolescence and during purberty. Basic motor skills, sports specific technique, aerobic endurance and strength training can all be enhanced in a safe, fun and effective way that children and adolsecence will enjoy.

Speed training development prior to puberty requies focus on developing muscle innvervation by pace-rhythm and coordination exercises. Gymstick is effective in challenging muscle recruitment and coordination as the bands pull in various directions which the child instinctively responses to.

Developing joint mobility is most effectual during the rapid growth period as poor flexibility will restrict performance and increase the risk of injury. The Gymstick can be used as a stretching tool to improve range of motion whilst preventing injury from over stretching.

The test results are showing that:

  • Strength (weightlifting kind of) training enhances the bones of the children as it makes them stronger, thicker and more dense.

  • The risk of injury due strength training is very low among children and adolescents

  • Strength training prevents children from injuries in other sports

Why Gymstick for Kids?

  • Balance, strength, endurance, mobility

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Fun

  • Can be used for sports specific training e.g. Soccer, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Figure skating