Ben McCabe, Phys Ed Manager & Personal Trainer Camp Eden Health Retreat (Queensland)

“The variety of exercises, simplicity of resistance adjustment, safety and ease of use, are all components of why we use Gymsticks in our guest programs and recommend and sell Gymsticks to our guests for their ongoing in home exercise programs."   

Steve Pratt, Nutrition and Physical Activity Coordinator The Cancer Council Western Australia

"I have found the Gymstick to be a useful tool for resistance training with cancer patients. The different levels accommodate a range of experience and limitations and, best of all, the patients love them. Many cancer
patients who are based in regional areas have found the home-based program, using Gymsticks, to help with their recovery from cancer."

Catherine Weber, Personal Trainer (Western Australia)

"The Gym on a Stick. Versatile, Portable, Affordable & FUN!! A great training tool for every day of the year anywhere you go.  Can’t make it to the gym?  Well, now the gym can come to you in the form of the Gymstick.  Almost anything you can do in the gym can be done with the Gymstick at home, at the office and even on holiday.  As a personal trainer I really enjoy the added value that this amazingly simple tool offers my clients.  Whether in a group or in a one-to-one session, the Gymstick has filled a need for a versatile, portable, affordable and FUN fitness tool."  

G Moodie, Gymstick Enthusiast (Victoria)

"I have been using the Gold Gymstick since early 2009. I am a keen 59 year old golfer and wanted to do exercises that would keep me flexible and help my golf swing. I do not complete all the exercises recommended for golfers, however the ones I complete each day in order are as follows;

  1. Body rotation for mobility and stability
  2. Triceps curl
  3. Biceps curl
  4. Bar row for better posture
  5. Power swing

I complete 4 sets doing 20 repeats of each exercise mentioned above. Last Friday at Victoria Golf Club 16th Oct, I won the prize for the longest drive in a Corporate day ,there were 90 golfers in the field.

My golf has improved since using the Gymstick as I feel my upper body is more flexible."