Older Adults

Top reasons why you should use the Gymstick as an older adult

Ease of use: If you find picking up or changing weights challenging and time consuming, the Gymstick offers quick and simple transitions between and during exercises. The resistance can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly simply by turning the stick to wind up the bands. 

Light and non-threatening: Bulky gym equipment and weights can be foreign and intimidating in contrast to the Gymstick, which is very lightweight and easy to use. Often poor technique is common when using free weights whereas, with the Gymstick, the bands and stick work to guide your body into the correct posture.

Micro loading the resistance: Standard fitness equipment e.g. dumbbells and barbells come in predetermined weights and there is no option to add or remove 'just a little' extra weight. Typically if you require more resistance on traditional weights, you will need to increase by a minimum of 1kg. This can often be too much, but the Gymstick uniquely allows for micro adjusting the resistance. You are completely in control of the amount resistance that is right for you by simply winding or unwinding the bands around the ends of the Gymstick. 

Improves multiple fitness principles: Increase muscle strength and endurance, joint stability, improve balance, coordination and posture, which can help to reduce the risk of fractures as well as falls. 

Improve core strength: The Gymstick bands are attached away from the body's centre of gravity, which means the more the bands are stretched, the greater the challenge on the body’s musculature to maintain a stable trunk position. This ensures the body's core is effectively 'switched on' during even the most basic exercises. 

Safe on joints: There are a variety of grip options and positionings when using the Gymstick. These include holds for those of you who require release for arthritic fingers. Compared to using heavy weights, the Gymstick puts a lot less pressure on the joints. Gymstick exercises require more muscle activition to be performed, rather than force driving through joints.

Fiona White, Australian Physiotherapist and Gymstick International’s Older Adult Specialist says:

“Using a Gymstick can contribute to a reduction in the risk of fractures by improving balance, core strength, body awareness and muscle strength. The Gymstick improves tactile input because the bands on your feet create sensation that you are aware of whilst exercising. The direction of pull of the bands also heightens your physical awareness. By using your arms, which are connected to your feet by the bands, you are using every major postural muscle and muscles that contribute to balance. The fingers, wrists, forearm, shoulder girdle, spinal and lower body muscles are all also engaged to perform the exercises.”

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