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About Gymstick Online

No more waiting for DVD’s, CD’s and Choreography to arrive in the mail, Gymstick Online gives you instant access to Gymstick Music and Choreography from your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android smart phone or internet enabled tablet and Computer.

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You need to be a trained and certified Gymstick Muscle or Gymstick H20 instructor to use Gymstick Online. After your Certification you will be sent an invitation to a free trial by your Master Trainer. If you have completed your training but havent received your free trial plesae let us know and we'll resnd you your invitation.


What does Gymstick Online do?

Gymstick instructors can now access Gymstick Online, and a great range of amazing tools. This provides instructors the ability to instantly create, plan and run your Gymstick Muscle & Aqua class - no limitations, and all the material updated monthly.

Key Features:

  1. Create new Gymstick classes instantly. Select from hundreds of TRIOS, with more added every month. Giving you a library of amazing material for you to deliver great class experiences.
  2. Use the latest Gymstick music, released each month. No waiting for each quarter, or delivery of CD’s, access now on-demand the moment its released.
  3. Discover new Gymstick Muscle routines. For those who are in a rush you can access a range of ‘pre-designed’ classes by Marietta Mehanni, Gymstick International Master Trainer
  4. Access and use offline. Sync your classes from your class list to your mobile device and use in your clubs stereo even when you are not connected to the internet.

With plans to add more features in the future - including sharing and connecting with the global Gymstick community.

Instructors can sign up for the free fourteen day trial and download Gymstick Onlines mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play


We would like to introduce you to the Gymstick Online Help Center. We are dedicated to supporting instructors using Gymstick Online, this is your place to find hints, tips and tutorials on using Gymstick Online, as well as an advanced ticketing system so all questions are responded to quickly and to your satisfaction.

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