Gymstick Older Adults

The Gymstick Older Adults education was developed in response to feedback from Gymstick trainers requiring a more individualised program tailored to the needs of older adults. This training provides personal trainers, group exercise instructors, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists with the tools to be able to provide their clients with varied, safe, appropriate and effective workouts.

This education includes:

  • How the Gymstick can be used to cater for different needs: Physical and cognitive abilities, injuries, flexibility, strength, balance and endurance
  • How to provide modifications for different health issues that are specific to older adults
  • How to develop functional training to suit the specific needs of the client
  • How to challenge balance, proprioception, muscle strength and endurance and joint stability safely
  • How to incorporate use of a chair, walls and beds or benches with the Gymstick for a safe and effective workout

The Gymstick Older Adults education will demonstrate how a Gymstick can be Simply Effective for a variety of older adults in a group exercise format, personal training program or as an independent exercise tool.