Gymstick Muscle

Gymstick Muscle is an easy-to-follow group exercise class that provides a superior work-out.

Unlike other types of group exercise classes, Gymstick Muscle doesn’t require extensive fitness or co-ordination skills to participate. At a Gymstick Muscle class, participants can concentrate on getting a workout matching their level of fitness, flexibility and comfort.

Gymstick Muscle class is centred around a concept unique to Gymstick - Trios. Trios are sets of three exercises which progressively increase in intensity and the individual can choose the level of intensity and resistance applied with each movement.

The most important aspect of the Gymstick Muscle workout is FEEL.  In Gymstick Muscle classes, we want everyone to feel good as they exercise.  We also prefer individuals to achieve fitness and flexibility at their own pace.  The Gymstick Original and Trios provide an effective combination of tools and techniques that gives maximum effects.

Gymstick Muscle education includes:

  • What is a Trio and the components of a Trio

  • How Trios effectively incorporate many fitness principles that can be challenging to integrate into a traditional group fitness format

  • How to create variety within a group fitness program so that clients are never bored

  • How to incorporate functional training in a group fitness format

  • How to deliver a Trio workout

  • How to use the stick effectively for stretching

Gymstick Muscle is like no other group fitness program and it comes with a specific music format to make it easy for the instructor to deliver the workout and for the members to follow the movements.  Members will experience less muscle and join strain as a result.