Gymstick H2O

Gymstick H2O is different! Like no other aqua exercise format. Based on a progression based technique called Trios, the variable resistance that can be easily adjusted on the Gymstick Aqua, allows the individual to work as intensity as they wish. H2O brings water exercise out of the dark ages of slow repetitive movements to an exciting workout that would appeal to any exerciser.

If you are new to water - this workout makes sense! No more floating around trying to work what is going on and not getting a workout. This is one workout that you have full control of the intensity.

If you would like to become an instructor?

The Gymstick H2O education teaches instructors how to develop a progression-based technique called Trios, a group exercise concept exclusive to Gymstick. It has been proven to be Simply Effective in delivering a water fitness program that includes muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination and cardiovascular conditioning.

Gymstick H2O education includes:

  • The hydrodynamic principles and how these concepts apply to the Gymstick Aqua and Gymstick H2O Trios
  • What is a Trio and how to design Trios for specific client groups
  • How to create variety within a water fitness program so that clients are never bored
  • How to use the resistance bands to perform functional training that buoyancy equipment cannot replicate
  • How to deliver a Trio workout
  • How to use the stick effectively for a warm up and stretch

Gymstick H2O is like no other water fitness program and it comes with a specific music format to make it easy for the instructor to deliver the workout and for the members to follow.