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Gymstick Original
Gymstick Original, the award winning fitness tool, has been designed by health and fitness professio..
$110.00 $99.00
Gymstick Telescopic
  As recommended by actress Rachael Blake in Sunday Magazine (News Ltd) as one of her favo..
$149.00 $134.10
Gymstick Bootcamp (medium)
For the most demanding workout! Bootcamp Gymstick is a second generation telescopic Gymstick designe..
$169.00 $152.10
Gymstick Aqua
Aqua Gymstick - A total body workout!    Until now it's been impossible to train..
$110.00 $99.00
Gymstick Fitness Bag 10kg (Pre-filled)
Gymstick's hard wearing, soft, flexible fitness bags can be used indoors and out. With many safety, ..
$145.00 $101.50
Gymstick Weight Bench 200
The Gymstick Weight Bench 200 is the ideal piece of fitness equipment for a home or professional fit..
$660.00 $429.00
Gymstick Pro Olympic Bar 20kg
The 20kg Gymstick Pro Olympic Bar is an idela pirce of fitness equipment for a professional fitnes..
$330.00 $231.00
Gymstick Power Band Strong
Gymstick's Power Bands, or closed-loop resistance bands, are much stronger, more durable and versati..
$55.00 $44.00
Gymstick 18.5kg Battle Rope 2.0 inch
Twelve meters of hard work. Gymstick Battle Ropes offer a fun and versatile strength and conditionin..
$350.00 $210.00
Gymstick Pro Aerobic Step
The Gymstick Pro Aerobic Step is a versatile board for step aerobics and other training with ..
$149.00 $134.10
Gymstick Medicine Ball - 5kg
  The Gymstick 5kg medicine ball is a commercial grade, hard wearing medicine ball.   A..
$65.00 $55.25
Gymstick Chrome Dumbbell Set
The new Gymstick Pro Chrome Dumbbell Set with black tower rack is a stylish set of of dumbbells th..
$1,300.00 $975.00
Gymstick Pro Olympic Curved Bar 10kg
The Gymstick Curved Olympic Bar is a Chrome plated steel bar with quality bearings making it perfect..
$230.00 $161.00
Gymstick Rubber Weight Plate 10kg
Gymstick Rubber Weight Plates are quality rubber covered cast iron Olympic plates. They include 2 ha..
$75.00 $56.25
Gymstick Speed Accelerator
The Gymstick Speed Accelerator allows you to maximize movements that are specific to any sport with ..
$125.00 $95.00
Gymstick Power Rings
Suspension training has taken off in a big way over the last few years. It makes most exercises more..
$95.00 $77.00
Gymstick Plyobox 30/45/60cm Set
Plyometrics is an excellent way for conditioned athletes to increase and develop their jumping, spri..
Gymstick Adjustable Speed Hurdle Set
Having quick feet, high knee lift and strong bounding are fundamental to peak athletic performance. ..
Gymstick Speed Ladder
Training with the Speed Ladder will quickly improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direct..
$85.00 $65.00
Gymstick Power Vest
The Gymstick Power Vest is a high quality weight adjustable vest , great for cardiovascular training..
$140.00 $91.00
Gymstick Suspension Trainer
The Gymstick Functional Trainer is an extremely portable suspension training system that employs you..
$149.00 $89.40
Gymstick 10kg Vinyl Kettlebell
The Gymstick 10kg vinyl kettlebell with workout DVD is a cost-effective Kettlebell that will help y..
$59.00 $50.15
Gymstick Runners Gym
As Seen in the Qantas Magazine! Complete your training with the Gymstick Runners Gym is a fi..
$89.00 $44.50
Gymstick Chair Gym
Do you have limited mobility or injuries? Attach Gymstick Chair Gym bands to a 4 legged chair and yo..
$99.00 $69.30
Gymstick Pro Balance
The transformable Balance board! Gymstick Pro Balance is a transformable balance board designed fo..
$149.99 $104.99
Gymstick Powerwheelz - Exercise Wheel
Blast your core and abs with the Gymstick Powerwheelz, the ultimate exercise wheel. Powerwheelz..
$99.00 $69.30
Gymstick Home Resistance Bands (3) with DVD
Tone and shape your body with the Gymstick three piece resistance exercise band set and workout DVD...
$44.95 $26.97
Gymstick Pro Exercise Tubing 30m (Extra Heavy)
Gymstick Pro Exercise Tubing is low in powder and low in protein and have been designed to avoi..
$132.00 $92.40
Gymstick Replacement Bands
Upgrade your Gymstick resistance with Gymsticks replacement bands. You can change the reistance leve..
$59.00 $53.10
Gymstick Anti Burst Swiss Ball with DVD
Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and posture with Gymstick's burst resistant PVC Body..
$49.95 $37.46
Gymstick Pro Exercise Bands 3 Pack (Heavy)
  Gymstick Pro Resistance Exercise Bands are used by fitness professionals for strength and ..
$51.00 $45.90
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